Nurture a Strong Mother Daughter Bond

We are living in a new normal where open communication with our daughters is more important than ever.  Parents today have become increasingly intentional and proficient in healthy and responsible communication. Today I am sharing a delightful resource that makes finding common ground between you and your daughter simple and meaningful. This Mother Daughter Activity Journal isn’t just about “my favorite things.” Rather, it is a safe, private place for you to authentically connect with your daughter. The writing prompts, conversation topics and activity ideas are carefully crafted to open meaningful dialogue. This lovely journal paves the way to understanding one another’s perspectives better to nurture a strong mother daughter bond.

Nurture a Strong Mother Daughter Bond

In this Mother Daughter Activity Journal, find: Mother Daughter Activity Journal

  • a tool to set up open and supportive communication while exploring healthy boundaries.
  • an invitation for both parties to be transparent and positively vulnerable.
  • a fun place to ignite ideas for one-on-one dates and opportunities to share unique, mindful experiences together.
  • prompts and discussion questions to get to know each other better on a deeper level to nurture a strong mother daughter bond.
  • a space that opens dialogue for topics likes, rules, discipline so that each party can better understand the other’s perspective.
  • a safe place for your daughter to reach out for help on sensitive topics.
  • a fun interactive space to share secrets, desires, dreams, worries.
  • opportunities to openly discuss the topics that cause disagreements.
  • a space for you to draw together, to sit and sip on a hot cup of tea and discuss one another’s feelings, fears, challenges, and victories.

Mother Daughter Meaningful Dialogue

Nurture a Strong Mother Daughter Bond

As a mother of two daughters (ages 9 and 11), I am constantly seeking opportunities to connect best with them. Each of my daughters have different personalities, interests and love languages. And one of the greatest gifts of being their mom is the opportunity to learn from one another and grow along side each other. (I’m pretty certain they’re teaching me more than I am them. 😉 )

Although my tween is an introvert, she openly shares things with me like her first crush, her fears on the soccer field, her insecurities and her sweet awkwardness. We’re in a sweet spot right now, and although inevitable, I don’t want that to change. I want our communication to stay open; for the trust to deepen between us. My desire as her mom is to help equip her to love herself deeply, be undeniably comfortable in her own skin, and to be confidently transparent. The Mother Daughter Activity Journal is a space for us to nurture ALL of that. A space to spend time listening to and understanding one another without having to feel defensive. It is a special place where we can approach sensitive topics and experiences in a proactive (versus reactive) manner.

I simply can’t wait to start working through this with my tween! And hope that you also choose to embark upon this fun journey of discovery with your daughter!

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