New Year’s Eve Noise Maker Craft Project

When I was a toddler my Mimi would change the time on the clocks so that we thought we were staying up until midnight. She might have been a genius. And, to celebrate the new year, we would bang on pots and pans, hollering Happy New Year! I loved celebrating the new year with her. But, I do not enjoy the noise of banging on pots and pans, nor do I want to dent any of our cookware. So, when I had my own boys, we would make fun New Year’s Eve Noise Maker craft projects.

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New Year’s Eve Noise Maker Craft Project

Noise Maker Supplies:

  • Paper plates.
  • Rice or beans.
  • Hot glue gun and glue.
  • Inexpensive foam paint brush.
  • Crayons, paint, or stickers.  

This fun project was always one of my boys’ favorites to make. We would go to the store together to buy beans and rice, paper plates, and new crayons or stickers during their winter break before Christmas. Then, we would make their New Year’s Eve noise makers during the time after Christmas before New Year’s.

This project will require some adult supervision. I always used hot glue to really make sure we didn’t have rice and beans flying all over the house while the boys celebrated.

First, gather your supplies. You will need two plates for each noise maker.

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Then, glue the foam paintbrush to one of the plates.

Next, add some rice and beans to the plate.

Now, add hot glue around the edge of the paper plate and secure the second plate on top. You may need to do this in sections. And, you can use a clothespin to clamp the plates together so you don’t burn your fingers with the hot glue.

Once you have glued the edges together, you will need to fill in the gaps between the foam paint brush and the plates with more hot glue. I like to use paint brushes because they are easier for little hands to hold than craft sticks are. However, you could make a noisemaker without a handle too.

Finally, it’s time to decorate your New Year’s Eve Noise Maker! I wish I could find some of the boys’ old noise makers. They loved to decorate the whole plate.

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I hope this little project has inspired you to create some New Year’s Eve memories with your little ones!

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