Cursive Lettering Art: Name Bugs Writing Craft

Name Bugs Writing Craft

Hi everyone! Today we’re making this Name Bugs Writing Craft! This is super fun project for kids who have learned to write in cursive, and it’s a great way to teach symmetry! Plus, you can decorate your “bug” with a variety of different mediums, from crayons to paint to markers to oil pastels. Here’s what you’ll need!


Name Bugs Writing Craft


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Black pen. I like using a PITT artist pen, because the India ink is very dark.
  • Markers, paint, crayons, or oil pastels. 
  • Cotton buds (if using oil pastels, for blending)

Start by folding your chosen paper in half lengthwise, creasing the fold with your finger, and opening the paper back up. Write your name on the crease line using a pencil, making sure the letters touch the line and the writing is large enough to take up a lot of the paper. Then, fold the paper back up and use a quarter or other object to rub against the paper to transfer the pencil marks to the other side.

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Open it up, and your name is on the other side! Now take your black pen and trace over your name on both sides. I made a little mistake, so I chose to cover that up by thickening the front lines of each letter. This technique also makes it look like calligraphy!

Make sure that whatever you do on one side, you do on the other. When the writing lines on both sides match, go ahead and turn your paper sideways, and you have a little bug! I chose to use oil pastels to color mine in, so here’s how I did that. I took a purple pastel and colored in the center line. Then I used a light purple on the edges of all the sections that opened up to the center line.

Next, I took a cotton bud and used to to smudge out the pastel, blending the dark and light purple together to make a pretty faded effect on the “body” of the bug. Now for the “wings,” or the sections that don’t open up the to center line, I started by making a line of dark pink, light pink, and mint green going downwards.

It’s hard to explain, so check the photos for reference. I also left a small section at the bottom of each area white. I then took a clean cotton bud and blended out all the colors.

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I did this all the way down the bug, and then I was done! Now, this is just how I decided to decorate my name bug. You can decorate your name bug in any way your would like. Your only limit is your imagination!

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this Name Bugs Writing Craft today!

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