My First Book of Dot Marker Coloring

Activities for toddlers are a must-have to spark curiosity! Between ages 2 and 4, toddlers grow exponentially and are eager to learn about themselves and the world around them. We are so excited to be releasing our first trio of toddler activity books!  My First Book of Dot Marker Coloring is one of these. It is full of coloring pages that combine art with educational concepts to support early learning. While you’re waiting for your copy to arrive, here’s a set of printable pages as a sneak peak of this fun toddler activity book!

My First Book of Dot Marker ColoringEngage your emerging little artist with fun coloring pages inside of My First Book of Dot Marker Coloring. With over 150 dot marker coloring pages for kids, the opportunities to develop the artist within are endless! Help your child develop fine motor skills while learning primary colors, secondary colors, and more with coloring activities for toddlers ages 2 to 4 years old.

Toddlers learn best when engaged and having fun! Do a dot marker coloring activity to strengthen hand-eye coordination, and learn colors through dot marker coloring pages filled with familiar shapes and images.

In this full color activity book you’ll find:

  • Fundamental Learning Concepts – our big dot illustrations include letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and animals to support early learning
  • Bold Lines – supports fine motor skill development and helps toddlers stay within the line
  • 150+ Dot Marker Coloring Pages – guaranteed to keep toddlers engaged and parents from running out of activities
  • Engaging Way to Learn Colors – the bold, colorful illustrations in our big dot marker activity book support color matching and recognition of familiar shapes

Get your copy of My First Book of Dot Marker Coloring now!

Sample Pages from My First Book of Dot Marker Coloring

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