Mother’s Day Buttons Craft

I can’t believe that Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Here’s a super easy, fast and FUN craft project that kids can make for their moms on their special day.

Mother's Day Buttons Craft

How to Make This Mother’s Day Buttons Craft

When I say easy and fast, I mean it! First, get a 2.5″ inch plastic button kit. We got ours on Amazon for less than $5. These kits simply snap apart and snap back together, there’s no additional equipment required! Next, print out our Mother’s Day button craft art. Since every printer has slightly different settings, we’ve provided two versions: with a cutting line and without. If you have a 2.5″ inch hole punch, this is a great time to use it (but not worth buying just for this project, in our humble opinion).

Check out our Father’s Day printable craft buttons as well!

The buttons linked above can be put together in seconds. Cut out the Mother’s Day button you want to give, and place it in between the plastic front and back of the button pieces as shown below:

How to Make Mother's Day Buttons

How to Make Mother’s Day Buttons

That’s it! You can be done with your first few buttons in less than 5 minutes – Happy Mother’s Day mom!

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You might also enjoy making some tissue paper flowers for mom as well!

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