Monster Mirror Drawing Worksheets

We have many artists and creative collaborators here at Woo!. However, drawing is not a natural gift for some of us. So any help we can get to improve our artistic ability is very welcome. These monster mirror drawing worksheets provide just that help to expand our creativity and build our artistic confidence. These fun critters will help your young artist understand symmetry and learn how to draw the reflection of lines and shapes. Practicing symmetry is not only a great way to build art and drawing skills, it also teaches attention to detail, pencil control and fine motor skills. It can also be a precursor to some math / geometry units.

Monster Mirror Drawing Worksheets

This set of finish the picture pages varies in difficulty, so students from the ages of 5 to 10 will enjoy the different challenge levels. There are 12 monsters to choose from. So you can pick your favorite to print one at a time or print them all at once and make a fun drawing book for your child.

Directions to give your child are simple: Draw the missing half of the monster to mirror the half that is shown. Once the monster drawing is complete, have your child color their monster to bring its personality to life.

Monster Mirror Drawing Worksheets

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