Monarch Butterfly Activities for Kids

In the last few years, the status of monarch butterflies has gotten more attention – yay! While not endangered, their migration routes are becoming more threatened. And since 2017, fewer and fewer monarchs are reaching their winter destinations in Mexico’s mountain forests. Harsher winters, loss of habitat, and increasing use of pesticides are causing severe declines in the monarch population. If we don’t act now to preserve and protect these beautiful butterflies, they could become extinct in as few as 20 years. These monarch butterfly activities for kids will help you teach children in fun ways about this important insect!

Monarch Butterfly Activities for Kids

Monarchs can only eat milkweed. Many people consider this plant a weed, but it is critical that we preserve this plant! Many states are now planting milkweed along highways and roads as a way to increase the availability of habitat space. There are over 100 species of milkweed plants that will grow in zones 3 – 9. Consider planting a milkweed garden in your yard or at school to help! It’s also important to limit your use of the weed killer Roundup, which kills milkweed very easily. I use straight vinegar in my own garden, and here are a few more weed-killing ideas that are butterfly and honey bee safe!

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Monarch Butterfly Activities

Grow Butterflies!

When my children were little we had a butterfly growing kit, which was absolutely wonderful! They were very invested in the whole monarch life cycle process and were a little sad to set them free. If you live in an area through which monarchs migrate, this is a fantastic hands-on activity that we highly recommend!

Monarch Butterfly Growing Kit

Monarch Tracing Worksheets

Monarch Word Puzzle Worksheets

How to Draw a Monarch Butterfly and Monarch Caterpillar

And from our collection of flower mandala coloring pages, here’s a monarch butterfly and milkweed mandala!

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