Modern Ombre Nesting Dolls

Nesting Dolls

Today I’m sharing how to make these Modern Ombre Nesting Dolls!

I have a love for Scandinavian design, and it’s super trendy right now. Clean lines, bright colors, and minimal design. I also love Russian history, and I thought a mix of Russian nesting dolls (matryoshka) and a clean design would be so pretty and fun! Let’s get started.

Modern Ombre Nesting Dolls

Modern Ombre Nesting Dolls 1


  • Wooden nesting dolls. I found this set at Michael’s Crafts.
  • Craft Paint. White is a must have, but the rest are up to you.
  • Paintbrushes.

Modern Ombre Nesting Dolls 2

Start by mixing the colors for your first doll! You’ll need pure pink (or whatever color you’re using), pure white, and three shades in between.

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Modern Ombre Nesting Dolls 3

Prepare to work quickly. You need to add the next color before the previous one dries to make the ombre seamless. Start with the white at the top, and add a stripe of the next lightest color. Brush back and forth to bland the two colors together. Add a bit more white or a bit more of the lightest color if you need to.

Keep adding the colors in stripes and blending them together. Don’t forget to separate your doll into it’s two pieces right after blending over the seam, so it doesn’t get painted shut!

Modern Ombre Nesting Dolls 4

When you get to the bottom, add the pure pink in a small stripe at the bottom. Your lines don’t have to be straight across in your stripes. Wavy is just fine.

Modern Ombre Nesting Dolls 5

Don’t forget to paint¬†the bottom of the doll! Take your time with these and don’t worry if you mess up or if it’s not “perfect.” The beauty of hand painting is in the little mistakes.

Modern Ombre Nesting Dolls 6

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Mix up the colors for the rest of the dolls one at a time. Keep in mind that the biggest dolls is the easiest to paint. You’ll need less paint and a much smaller brush once you get to the littlest dolls. Don’t worry if you stick your finger in the paint, just take a clean brush and smooth it over.

I wanted a satin matte finish for mine, but you can alway top these with a clear gloss spray top coat for a super shiny finish!

Modern Ombre Nesting Dolls 8

And that’s it! These dolls are so cute and bring a modern touch to your home. These can be made in a variety of colors, and would be adorable in a nursery or homeschool room!

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