Mixed Media Koala Craft

Mixed Media Koala Craft

Hello there! I’m super excited to share this Mixed Media Koala Craft with you today! Now this is one of those projects where I show you what supplies I use, but you can change the supplies out to whatever you have. You can substitute in craft foam, washi tape, etc. Just use whatever you have! The end goal is just to make a super cute koala face picture. Let’s get started.

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Mixed Media Koala Craft


  • Green (or other colors) paper.
  • White paper.
  • Dark and light gray felt.
  • Pink paint.
  • Gray and black markers.
  • White gel pen.
  • Small foam or regular paint brush.
  • School glue.
  • Glue stick.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil.

You’re going to start by drawing a large triangle on your white paper. Then take your pencil and round the corners of the triangle like shown. Take your scissors and cut out your new rounded triangle, and you have a koala head!

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Put glue stick all over the back of your koala head, and then glue it down in the center of your background paper. I used green to make it look forest like, but you can use any color you like! Now just take your gray marker and color in the koala’s face completely.

Next you’re going to take that same gray marker and make little strokes on the outside of your face shape all the way around, to make it look furry. Now take your light gray felt, and draw a koala ear on it. It’s like a big curve with a jagged bottom. Cut this out, trace it, and cut out a second one.

And you have ears! Cover the back of them with a medium layer of school glue (because felt likes to soak up a lot of glue) and then attach them to the sides of the koala’s head. Next you’re going to take your dark gray felt and draw a long, rounded egg shape. This will be the koala’s nose!

Cut it out, and check the size against the koala’s face. Remember, koalas have big noses. If you’re happy with it, put some school glue on the back, and attach it to the center of your koala’s face. Now pour a bit of pink paint into a palette or other surface.

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Using your foam brush or regular brush, go ahead and paint some pink half circles onto your koala’s ears to make the center of the ears. Next you need to take your black marker and draw on a little smile.

Plus some eyes and eyebrows. Then take your white gel pen to add half moon shaped highlights into your koala’s eyes. This helps make the eyes look expressive and bright!

And you’re all done! I hope you had fun learning how to make this Mixed Media Koala Craft with me today!

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