Marble Painting Process Art Project for Kids

Process Art Project

Hi there! Let’s learn how to make this Marble Painting Process Art Project! This is a great introduction to abstract art for kids, and it’s a really fun way to paint. Here’s what you’ll need.

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Marble Painting Process Art Project


  • Large cereal box.
  • Tape
  • Craft knife
  • Paint 
  • Marbles
  • Paper
  • Paint palette or paper plate

We’re going to start by making a box to do our painting in! You can use something you already have, or make this easy marble painting box that can be reused over and over again. I just took a large cereal box, and taped the top flaps closed. Then I took my craft knife and cut our one side of the box, leaving an edge about an inch wide. This edge helps keep the marbles from falling out while your kids are tilting the box all over. See how quick that is? Now we’re ready to get painting.

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Place a piece of paper inside your box. You can use copy paper like I did, or construction paper or even notebook paper. I put the colors of paint I wanted to use in my paint palette, and found some marbles from the kids’ rooms. Start by dipping one marble in the paint, and dropping it into your box.

Start gently tilting the box from side to side, and the marble will roll across the paper and start creating your painting! When it’s used all the paint, drop your marble back in the paint. Now you can use a marble with a different color of paint.

And see what that does! You can also put multiple marbles coated with different colors of paint in the box at the same time to paint even faster and mix colors. When you’re happy with your painting, gently lift it out of the box and set it somewhere to dry. Now you can reuse the box for your next painting right away, or let the paint marks on the sides dry and store it away for later use. Boxes like this are also great for small spray painting projects as well.

And here’s your finished painting! This is such a fun process art project, and great for any kids old enough to safely play with marbles. I hope you enjoy making this Marble Painting Project with your kids!

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