Make Way for Ducklings Printable Classroom Activities

These wonderful worksheets have been sitting on my dusty to do list for TOO LONG! Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey is a classic children’s lit book, winning awards and all sorts of praise since it was written in 1941. It has never gone out of print in the entire 70+ years it has been around – wow! It has been a book on the curriculum list of almost every educator – mostly for younger kids age 4-7 (the publisher recommends age 3-8). In fact, it was a good friend and homeschooling mom who requested these from us a little too long ago.

These worksheets are appropriate for any age level that the book targets. There are vocabulary words and a comprehension quiz for older students, and coloring pages and two printable duckling masks for younger students. During a Make Way for Ducklings unit, I’d also recommend a few rounds of the Duck, Duck, Goose game!

Make Way for Ducklings Vocabulary Worksheet Answer Key

Vocabulary Worksheet Answer Key

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