Make Your Own Pokemon Go Team T-Shirts! (Free Printable)

I seriously cannot believe how many people I know are talking about Pokemon Go (Android, iTunes) lately. It was even on the front page of our newspaper this week – I guess our tiny town doesn’t have much other news going on! All three of my kids (now ages 13, 16 and 21) are playing. At the same time, my friends with kids that are preschool age are playing. And plenty of my ADULT friends are playing! So we made Pokemon Go team t-shirts this week, and they were such a hit that my son wore his blue Team Mystic shirt the minute it was dry!

Make Pokémon Go Team T-Shirts

This is an easy and fast craft that is adaptable depending on what items you may or may not have around the house in terms of paint, bleach, and old t-shirts. You don’t need to buy a colored shirt if you have a white one laying around!

Here’s our weekly kids craft video from our YouTube channel showing you the basic process of how they are made. The basic process is to print the stencil of your choice, use a washable glue stick to glue the stencil pieces to the front of your shirt, and then apply the bleach or paint of your choice:

What you’ll need to make your shirts depends on what you have available and how you want your final shirt to look.

  • Our yellow Team Instinct shirt is made with a yellow shirt and black acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium. We used a stencil sponge to apply the paint.
  • Our blue Team Mystic shirt is made with a blue shirt and bleach cleaner. We found that bleach didn’t work very well on yellow t-shirts, so avoid this method if you’re Team Instinct.
  • Our red Team Valor shirt is made with a white shirt and red fabric spray paint.
  • You’ll also need a piece of cardboard to slip inside of your t-shirt while you are applying the bleach or paint so that it doesn’t seep through to the back of the shirt. We forgot this step… and ruined one of them. 🙁
  • Note that bleach will not  work on a 100% polyester t-shirt, so make sure your shirt is at least 50% cotton if you’re going to bleach route.

You’ll also need one of these free printable stencils! I recommend printing them on heavier card stock paper, because the paint and especially bleach will soak through thinner paper. Just click to bring up the full size image.


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