Make it Like Mondrian – Geometric Abstract Painting

Let’s make it like Mondrian – geometric abstract painting project for kids! Today we will create our own pieces in the style of Pieter Mondrian, the Dutch artist known for his geometric abstract paintings! A fun fact about Mondrian l’s style is that it started out with figurative work, but eventually he decided to focus on abstract. His iconic style can be seen not only in museums, but on home decor, and fashion. I’m pretty sure I had a Mondrian-inspired dress back in the 80’s!

Make it Like Mondrian - Geometric Abstract Painting

For this version of the project, I am using recycled boxes. The cardboard absorbs paint and dries quickly. This makes it a nice material of you need to get the whole project done in one block of time. It is also a fantastic way to reuse boxes and save your paper for other projects.

Make it Like Mondrian – Geometric Abstract Painting

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Peter Mondrian Inspired Art for Kids

You will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint in primary colors and black and white
  • Paint brushes

Mondrian Inspired Art for Kids of All Ages

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Before painting your pieces one of the colors, paint around the edges of each square with black paint. This will give the piece that signature Mondrian look. Younger children might have a harder time with the outline. I think Kindergarteners and up should be able to handle it.

After all the pieces are painted, children can explore how they want the pieces laid out. If they decide to cut any pieces, they can add a little more black to the new edge. This project really does use a small amount of paint to accomplish quite a lot.

It is a great idea to take this time too look more closely at Mondrian’s paintings. Did he have two colors right next to each other? How did he play with shapes and placement?

They might also be encouraged to share the pieces they don’t want or need with a classmate. There are likely to be some extras     to use up.

Fun Geometric Abstract Painting for Kids

Once they have made their decision about where items will go, children can begin gluing their pieces down. Older children may be able to use hot glue for this step. Younger children will have to make sure to use an ample amount of glue. This is where the absorbency of the cardboard can be a chalet. Remember to use plants of glue and place it down quickly

Recycled Cardboard Abstract Painting Craft

Once all the pieces are glued down, you can touch up any disconnected spaces with black paint. Children can also add black lines, if they want to create more details. It’s up to them.

Make it Like Mondrian - Geometric Abstract Painting

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