Make Easy Glass Marble Jewelry

How to Make Super-Easy Jewelry from Flat Glass Marbles

How to Make Super-Easy Jewelry from Flat Glass Marbles

I’ve loved making jewelry since I was a very, very little girl. In fact, when I was still in college, I gave entrepreneurship a shot for the first time as I tried to make and sell my own beaded jewelry designs. Even now as my oldest daughter is almost 18, I still think about finding a class on forging and molding precious metals.

But beading and molding metal are a little advanced for kids, don’t you think? So I wanted to share this project with you today so that your children could have a way of making real jewelry while needing only one skill – how to glue. Since most of us are pretty proficient in this skill by the time we are done with preschool or kindergarten, this should be a project for almost anyone!

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What You Need to Make Glass Marble Jewelry Pendants

Glass glue, flat marbles, and jewelry findings called a 'glue on bail'

Glass glue, flat marbles, and jewelry findings called a ‘glue on bail’

Flattened glass marbles (Tons to be found at the dollar store or any craft store – mine came from Joann’s)

Glue on bails (Also found in craft stores, but you can get more of them for less money on Etsy)

Glass glue (I prefer E6000 or Surebonder 9001)

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A thin chain necklace (I use whatever I have laying around the house!)

Do you even need instructions for this one?

Step 1 – Glue the glue on bail to the flat side of your glass marble.

Step 2 – Let dry (usually about 24 hours)

Step 3 – Slip the pendant onto your necklace chain

That’s it – and they are so pretty when they are done! Check out the other colors that came in the back of glass marbles I bought for this project – so sophisticated and perfect for fall, don’t you think?

More Glass Marble Colors

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