Summer Luau Party Bingo, Matching Game, & Coloring Pages

Now that we are finally kicking off summer, it’s time to think of Luau parties! The Dollar Store has awesome and cheap luau party decorations every year, and this luau bingo game has ten playing cards so that up to ten people can play at one time – although if you have enough prizes, you can always play with a larger crowd, knowing that multiple people will win on every round.

Luau Bingo, Matching Game, & Coloring Pages

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Luau Bingo

We have created our own Luau Bingo game for you to download and print for free!

Luau Matching Game

Here’s a bonus printable luau game for little children – a coordinating matching game! Just print out the page twice and cut them up, turn them over, and play!

Printable Luau Party Invitations

Who, Where, When and RSVP is all you need to get a whole group of friends over to have a party worth remembering!

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Luau Coloring Pages

Print these pages to keep children happy and busy while you and your guests party!

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  1. melva schumacher

    thank you so much for your help. Your luau ideas for bingo and coloring pages will help when we honor the certified staff at the school where I work. This will help the students create a gift for their teachers and a game for the staff to play. thanks

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