Letter X Worksheets & Crafts

Oh holy cow, allow me to throw a little pity party here for myself about how HARD it is to find good X words! I think our written language needs a revamp to create a lot more words that begin with X! Please forgive the flexible use of X as both the beginning and end letter in some of our words. Otherwise nearly all of our letter X worksheets & crafts would just be X-rays and Xylophones! Don’t forget to check out our whole Alphabet Letter Activities series while you are here!

Letter X Worksheets and Crafts

Letter X Worksheets & Crafts

Help your kids learn their letters with our Alphabet Book for Kids

Letter X Crafts

Here are three cute and easy kids crafts for learning about the Letter X and X words: X marks the spot, q-tip X-ray skeleton and foX ears!

Letter X Printable Crafts

Color, cut and paste the X-ray ‘images’ onto the Letter X. And use our cute skeleton paper toy to making a moving X-ray puppet.

Kids Poem About Letter X

I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it was to find a poem for Letter X! I know this isn’t a real X word, but at least it includes X in the title!

XO-XO Poem for Kids

XO-XO Poem for Kids

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Alphabet Letter X Tracing Worksheets

Learn to write the Letter X with these six tracing and writing worksheets.

Letter X Coloring Pages

Six cute coloring pages with Letter X words featured: Xylophone, oX, XOXO’s, Xenoceratops dinosaur, foX and aX.

Letter X Printable Activities

6 Letter X activity pages with eXellent X words: Xantu’s hummingbird, Xylophone, Xenopus frog, foX, X-ray and Xmas! They include hidden pictures, cut and paste size recognition, drawing, dot to dot and tracing activities.

Alphabet Printable Letter X

3 visual Letter X pages to show off during your Letter X lesson plan!

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