Letter S Worksheets & Crafts

Today’s collection of Letter S worksheets & crafts was the easiest one to pull together of all of them! Letter S is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! Check out our whole Alphabet Letter Activities series – we’re adding new letters every week, but we’re almost done!

Letter S Worksheets and Crafts

Letter S Worksheets & Crafts

Be sure to check out our Alphabet Book for Kids.

Letter S Crafts

4 cute and easy Letter S crafts, 3 of them made from paper plates! Make a Snowman mobile, Sunflower, or Snail. Or grab some glitter glue to make our Slime recipe!

Letter S Printable Crafts

Color, cut and glue the Snake parts onto the Letter S. Or print out the Skeleton mask for some Spooky fun!

Kids Poems About Letter S Words

I seriously couldn’t believe that we actually were able to get a poem ABOUT the Letter S for this series – how cool is that?! We’ve also included 3 more about S words: Stars, School and Shamrocks.

Alphabet Letter S Tracing Worksheets

S can be a tricky letter to write for first-timers, so here are six letter practice worksheets to let students trace the Letter S over and over again.

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Letter S Coloring Pages

6 coloring pages of S word things – Seahorse, Santa, Surfer, Ship, Scarecrow and Sunflowers.

Letter S Printable Activities

6 super cute Letter S activity pages with fun S words: Sloth, Spider, Seal, Snowman, Snail and Squirrel.

Alphabet Printable Letter S

S printables to Show off how Special it is to See the Letter S!

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