Letter P Worksheets & Crafts

We are working hard to get through the entire alphabet, and we’re a little more than halfway there! Today we’re sharing letter P worksheets & crafts, which was quite easy to curate from our archives of 10+ years of printables and kids activities. Let’s just say that other letters were a lot more challenging to bring together (next up, letter Q – argh!).

Letter P Worksheets and Crafts

Letter P Worksheets and Crafts

Letter P Worksheets & Crafts

Help your kids learn their letters with our Alphabet Book for Kids

Letter P Crafts

4 excellent preschool-appropriate P crafts with a Penguin, Popsicle, Porcupine and Pumpkins!

You might also like this paper plate “P” is for “PIG” craft project!

Letter P Printable Crafts

Color, cut and paste the Police items onto the printed letter P! Or you can print and cut the Pig mask, or make our penguin paper bag puppet (instructions here).

Kids Poems About Letter P Words

Two super fun printable poems about letter P words.

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Alphabet Letter P Tracing Worksheets

Get your letter p writing practice in with these 6 word and letter tracing worksheets.

Letter P Coloring Pages

6 Letter P coloring pages for easy time filler activities while working on other letter P projects.

Letter P Printable Activities

6 fun printable activities for the letter P – hidden pictures, dot to dots, drawing worksheet and a maze. Topics are Police, Pie, a Pool, Penguin, Pie and Pterodactyl!

Also be sure to check out our whole Alphabet Letter Activities series – we’re adding new letters every week!

Alphabet Printable Letter P

Printable letters to display as a visual reference to the alphabet letter lesson of the day.

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