Letter J Worksheets & Crafts

This journey through our archives has been so much work yet so much fun! Today we’re sharing letter J worksheets & crafts – mostly from our previous 10 years+ of printables and activities. For some of these lesser-used letters, there’s even a few new printables thrown in. Be sure to bookmark the entire Alphabet Letter Activities series – we’re adding new letters every week!

Letter J Worksheets and Crafts


Letter J Worksheets & Crafts

Help your kids learn their letters with our Alphabet Book for Kids

Letter J Crafts

Four absolutely awesome kids crafts for the letter J! Play with a Jellyfish, Jaguar, Jester or a Jack o’ Lantern!

Letter J Printable Crafts

Color, cut out and paste the Jewelry to decorate the letter J!

Kids Poems About Letter J Words

3 printable poems for children about J words: Jam, June and Junk food!

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Alphabet Letter J Tracing Worksheets

Get handwriting practice into your day with these fun and cute letter j tracing / writing worksheets.

Letter J Coloring Pages

6 cute J word coloring pages – these can be used at any time of the year!

Letter J Printable Activities

Four great letter J activity worksheets – dot to dot, hidden pictures, and a cute tutorial on how to draw a Jellyfish.

Alphabet Printable Letter J

Print these Single letter J pages to display around the classroom to increase visual letter recognition.

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