Letter I Worksheets & Crafts

Well, we’re finally getting far enough into the alphabet in our  Alphabet Letter Activities series in which the letters are a little more challenging to work with! It’s pretty darn easy to find words and activities for letter A. Not so easy for letter I. (I’m dreading X, Y & Z!!!). But we’ve still put together a wonderful variety of letter I worksheets & crafts that we think you will love.

Letter I Worksheets and Crafts

Letter I Worksheets and Crafts

Letter I Worksheets & Crafts

Be sure to check out our Alphabet Book for Kids.

Letter I Crafts

An absolute favorite is this adorable inchworm craft made from a sock! But all of the letter I crafts will be a fun way to learn about I words.

Letter I Printable Crafts

Color, cut and paste the insects onto the letter I for a great activity that gets in some scissors practice.

Kids Poems About Letter I Words

We do hope to find a few more poems for this section in the future, but for now please enjoy dreaming about ice cream with this cute kid’s poem!

Ice Cream Dream Poem

Ice Cream Dream Poem

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Alphabet Letter I Tracing Worksheets

It’s always a good idea to do some letter tracing and writing practice. Use these to develop fine motor skills and letter recognition.

Letter I Coloring Pages

Coloring is always fun for kids! You can make these letter I coloring pages a part of your lesson plan or use them as time filler activities while students are working on different projects.

Letter I Printable Activities

Counting, tracing and shape recognition are on deck with these four activity pages for I words.

Alphabet Printable Letter I

Print these alphabet letters to show off just how cool letter I looks!

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