Letter G Worksheets & Crafts

We’re continuing our alphabet summer with our latest addition to the Alphabet Letter Activities series! Today we’re sharing letter G worksheets & crafts for a bookmarkable resource to ube used for many years to come. G has some really fun words to use: Gargoyles! Gingham! Goldfish! Gingerbread! Of course we had to throw in the J-sounding G just to throw the kids off. It’s the perfect example of the imperfect English language!

Letter G Worksheets and Crafts

Letter G Worksheets & Crafts

Be sure to check out our Alphabet Book for Kids.

Letter G Crafts

These are some of my personal favorite crafts from our archives! The Giraffe sock puppet was one of the very first kids crafts we ever created, and that Goldfish paper plate craft is ridiculously adorable!

Letter G Printable Crafts

Color and cut out the Goat features to decorate the capital letter G. We’ve also shared a cute Ghost printable lacing card and a Giraffe paper bag puppet (assembly instructions here).

Kids Poems About Letter G Words

Two fun letter G poems for children – about letter G words

Alphabet Letter G Tracing Worksheets

Practice writing alphabet letter G and G words with these trace writing worksheets.

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Letter G Coloring Pages

Letter G coloring pages that are great for a time filler activity while your students are working on other alphabet activities.

Letter G Printable Activities

Great letter G printable activities with fun things to do such as dot to dots, cut and paste, hidden pictures, symmetry drawing and a maze.

Alphabet Printable Letter G

Printable letter perfect to display the letter G during your alphabet lesson.

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