Letter D Worksheets & Crafts

This brand new series of alphabet learning ideas just keeps getting better and better! They are a ton of work to pull together but they are so rewarding to share with you! Today we’re sharing letter D worksheets & crafts for preschool and kindergarten age children. Dogs, Dinosaurs and Dragons are on the way to you! These activities offer hours of wonderful and engaging educational time with your little ones. They will certainly foster a love of learning.

Letter D Worksheets and Crafts

Check out our whole¬†Alphabet Letter Activities series – we’re adding new letters every week!

Letter D Worksheets & Crafts

Letter D Crafts

These letter D crafts include one of my all time favorites (the dragon puppet!). But all of them are easy and age appropriate for 3-6 year olds.

Letter D Printable Crafts

As always, we provide a great set of printable crafts if you don’t have any craft supplies laying around. The instructions for the deer paper bag puppet can be found here.

Kids Poems About Letter D Words

While reading these wonderful children’s poems, see if your kids can identify other words starting with the letter D!

Alphabet Letter D Tracing Worksheets

Our always-included set of alphabet tracing worksheets are perfect for writing practice.

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Letter D Coloring Pages

Use these D coloring pages as a time filler or a fun brain break in the classroom.

Letter D Printable Activities

Practice counting, matching, shape recognition and attention to detail with these 6 fun letter D activity pages.

Alphabet Printable Letter D

Simple display alphabet letters to give your kids a visual reminder of the lesson for the day!

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