Letter C Worksheets & Crafts

Here we are with our third in the alphabet letter unit series – Letter C! Lots of cats, cows and even a chipmunk around here today. If you’re new to this series, we are curating our 10+ years of archives into a comprehensive resource for every letter of the alphabet. You can find these all over our website, but in this post we’re all about C. These letter C worksheets & crafts will give you hours of things to do with your children or students. Scroll on, friend!

Letter C Worksheets and Crafts

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Letter C Worksheets & Crafts

Letter C Crafts

We try to focus most of our preschool level crafts on projects that can be made with easily obtained supplies. Plus they are easy and accessible for young skill levels.

Letter C Printable Crafts

If you don’t have craft supplies around, just grab some crayons and scissors and print these fun craft out instead!

Kids Poems About Letter C Words

Kids love reading time, and these two poems featuring C words can give you another way to talk about the letter C in language.

Alphabet Letter C Tracing Worksheets

Of course we have writing practice worksheets, which are so important when you’re first learning your alphabet letters.

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Letter C Coloring Pages

A fun C letter coloring break.

Letter C Printable Activities

Here are 6 fun printable activities with C words: Cardinal, Cat, Chipmunk, Clown, Cocoa and Cupcake – yum!

Alphabet Printable Letter C

Plain printable alphabet letters for a bulletin board display as you work through learning all the letters.

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