Learning Colors Worksheets for Preschoolers

I get a lot of ideas for Woo! Jr. from my own kids’ homework and teacher feedback. But my kids are all getting older – I sometimes forget the very simple things they needed to learn (sooooo) long ago! A homeschooling friend of mine told me how much she needs worksheets for her very young children to work on independently while she teaches her older children. I thought these color recognition worksheets fit the bill perfectly. Each of these printable color worksheets has 4 recognizable items that match the color, plus a place to practice writing the name of the color as well. Voila! Letter and color practice!

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Of course, there’s nothing to stop kids from pulling out their crayons, markers, or colored pencils and getting artistic with their worksheets, either, coloring the other pictures on the page. This could be especially helpful if they’re not quite catching on to which items go with the written color name. For example, if your kiddo is having trouble picking out items that should be blue, have him or her color the entire sheet. Since the carrot will be orange and the bat will be black, for example, their choices will be narrowed down for them. (That doesn’t work quite as well with toddlers who don’t care about coloring things “right!”)

ETA: In the time since these worksheets were posted, a ton of others have been added all across the Woo! Jr. site. We’ve not only got coloring pages, but also have writing prompts (seasonal, holidays, and more) and Mad Libs, too! Feel free to poke around and see what you find that works for you!

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 Newly added color worksheets by request: Pink and Gray!

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  1. Chelsea Brownlee

    These are great worksheets! Thanks so much for sharing them! I was wondering if you would be willing to make a pink worksheet to add to this collection. I have scheduled a color/couple of colors a month for my preschooler and pink is the only one you don’t have. Thanks again!

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