Leap Year Frog Craft for Kids

Can you believe it’s already February and another Leap Year! This adorable little frog craft is fun and easy to make. We had so much fun learning about Leap Year! We love versatile projects. Let’s get started on this fun Leap Year Frog Craft for Kids!

Leap Year Frog Craft for Kids

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Paper Plate Leap Year Frog Craft for Kids


  • Scrap Sheets of Construction Paper – green, red, white, and black
  • School Glue. 
  • Paper Plate.
  • Scissors.
  • Green Paint and Paint Brush.

Begin this fun frog project by painting a paper plate solid green.

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While the paint dries, start cutting out the rest of the frog. Freehand draw or trace a large circle on the green paper. Then, draw slightly smaller white circles. Next, draw small black circles. These six circles will become the frogs eyes.

Glue the white circles in the center of the large green circles.

Then, glue the black circles on top of the white circles. Set the eyes aside.

Cut a strip of red construction paper to about 1/2 an inch wide and several inches long.

Then, roll the red strip of paper loosely.

Once the green paint has dried, use a little glue to add the eyes to the top of the plate.

Then, add the rolled tongue to the middle of the plate. This will be the frog’s tongue.

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This is a great project to learn about why there are leap years, and even the history behind leap year and the calendar. And, you have the cutest little frog ever!

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed creating your Leap Year art project!

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