Leap Year Activities and Printables

Do you ever wonder why the people who created our yearly calendar so many centuries ago didn’t just make every year 1/4 day longer? I sure do. Adding a day every four years always seemed a little silly to me. But at least it gives frogs a day to call their own. And for those who have a Leap Year birthday on February 29, they get their official birthday party day! Today I’m sharing a great collection of Leap Year activities, games, and printables to celebrate this unique and rare occasion.

Leap Year Activities for Kids

Leap year was ‘invented’ by Julius Caesar when they realized that their initial 355 day calendar was not synchronized correctly with the seasons. Unfortunately, this correction was still based on a miscalculation, and in the year 1752, adjustments needed to be made again. Thus, the Gregorian calendar we use today was established. But evidently, calculating the exact time of a rotation around the sun is more difficult than we might believe. Because around the year 4752, they are going to have to add another day in addition to the leap year day!

Also, here are some cool famous Leap Year birthdays and Leap Day events.

Leap Year Crafts and Desserts

Paper Plate Frog Craft Frog Paper Bag Craft Froggy Catch Game Printable Leap Year Game
Frog Paper Plate Craft Frog Paper Bag Craft Froggy Catch Game Musical Lily Pads
Sherbet the Frog Treat Leap Year Dessert - Frog Oreos Printable Frog Masks Frog Cupcakes
Sherbet the Frog Dessert Coated Oreo Frogs Printable Frog Masks Frog Cupcakes

Leap Year Printables

Frog Coloring Pages

My kids love frogs – we find them in our yard all the time. Thankfully they are the well-camouflaged kind, because otherwise our cats would be finding them first!

Frog Life Cycle Coloring Pages

Plus a Bonus Frog Vocabulary Word Search

12 Leap Year Activities for Kids

Note – some of these projects have disappeared off of the internet since we first posted this in 2008. But we keep this image here because so many people have saved it over that time.

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