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I received a request today from one of our newsletter subscribers, asking for autumn leaf patterns or a leaf template. Easy enough, I thought, plus I needed a little inspiration for new content ideas after our long three day Labor Day weekend, anyway! (Yes, I do ‘take requests‘!) (These leaves have since become one of our most popular posts of all time! So bring on the requests, ya’ll have great ideas!)

I’d love to know what kind of cool projects you use these for. Please inspire all of our readers by leaving your fall leaf project ideas in the comments below!

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Here are twelve more fall leaf patterns (new this year!!) for even more of your autumn crafts and projects!

Leaf Template Printables

Be sure to check out our other set of fall stencils and templates, perfect for crafts and pumpkin carving, too!

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  1. Annie

    I am going to be making a banner for our Rummage /Craft sale.. I am going to cut out the stencil and make a leaf and pumpkin border all around the border of the banner! Thank you!

  2. Shelly

    We are fingerknitting three chains choosing WARM colored yarns (Fall colors) and then tracing the leaf templates on felt, cutting them out, adding a slit to the middle and sliding them on our chain to create a Fall garland.

  3. Trish

    I teach iPad Art to children. Going to save images on my iPads, have children import them into a digital paint app to color and or add designs. May layer them and create a photo collage…all digital. Thanks, just what I needed!

  4. Patty

    We are making a wooden tree cutout for our fall festival at church. We will have blank cutouts of leaves so people can write on them what they are thankful for and attach them to the tree.

  5. mary Gendron

    I’m going to downsize the leaf print and cut out a stencil, then I”ll use it for stenciling camp kneckechiefs, or I’ll try my hand at silk s
    creening the kneckerchieves.

  6. Kathy Fergusson

    Thanks for the leaf patterns they are perfect. I am using them as a boarder shape to make a tissue paper stained glass leaf.

  7. Beth

    Thank you for these templates! I bought a small woven basket with a wooden sign on it that says “Give Thanks.” I am going to print out these templates on yellow, orange, red paper; cut the leaves out, and put them in a container next to the basket on Nov. 1. From then until lunch on Thanksgiving day, my husband, myself, & 6 YO daughter will write on a leaf a day something we are thankful for. At lunch on Thanksgiving Day, we will read all of the leaves around the table. I am making this a family tradition from now on. 🙂

  8. Betty

    My Sunday School class (ages 5-12) will trace and cut out one or more leaf patterns on colored construction paper. They can choose from a list of Bible verses relating to thanks/thanksgiving. Older children will look up the Bible verse and copy it onto the leaf. Younger ones can either choose a written Bible verse (which I’ll have available) or write some things they are thankful for. These will go up on a hallway bulletin board.

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  10. Carol

    I am transferring these templates to autumnal colour card and then cutting lines down the middle for the children to weave ribbon in and out to make a display.

  11. Anne

    I use these for thanksgiving. my kids cut these out on red and orange construction paper and then they write what they are thankful for. During dinner, someone gets to read these out loud and we try to guess who wrote it!

    I kept them from last year and they are fun to read again.

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  13. Donna Taylor

    I use these leaf patterns to make the skirt for my art doll. The one I am using is kind of like a woodsy doll with fall stiffened material for the leaves. They hang from the waist. I also think that I will put glitter around the edges.

  14. Marsha McBride

    I am covering a bulletin board with construction paper and then making lots of these colorful leaves. Each person will write on a leaf telling things they are thankful for this year. We will read these around the Thanksgiving table!

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