Last Day of School Printable Signs

Can’t believe the time has come to share “last day of school” goodies with you. This set of last day of school printable signs will help archive this memorable moment for you in a fun way. We’ve included a sign for every school year: preschool through twelfth grade, and have even added a college sign. And there are two different styles to choose from depending on your lighting and preference.

The last day of school is filled with emotions, somewhat different for all parties involved. Your child is elated that school is out and summer break is here, while maybe grieving the “farewell” of their favorite teacher(s). Your child’s teacher is having an all together different experience as their students depart through the hallways for the last time of the school year.

Last Day of School Printable Signs

And then there’s you, brave Mama… Keep your head high. It’s ok to cry as your little one is walking through yet another milestone of their life. Or maybe you’re tearing up a little, because you know what the summer months entail.  And that’s a lot of one-on-one time with your kiddos…just sayin’. (wink wink) We’re here to help with that, remember.

You may be interested in these Printable Planner Pages to kick off your summer and help plan your summer bucket list. Also, we have matching first day of school signs over here!

Last Day of School Printable Signs

You can print these out instantly, no waiting, subscribing, or anything. Just click, print, and shoot your pics!

To prevent corner crinkling and damage to your sign, we recommend printing it on cardstock. Or slip it into a frame with the glass removed to prevent photo glare.

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