Kawaii Drawing for Kids Tutorials

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to foster creativity within your young artist, you’ll love these pages! We are so excited to share this set of Kawaii drawing for kids tutorials. Each page is a mini drawing lesson broken down into easy to follow step by step instructions so that any beginner artist can create a kawaii masterpiece. The drawing diagrams are simple to follow to help your budding artist bring their characters to life.

Cute Book of Kawaii Drawing



With these simple steps, your child will increase their drawing confidence and experience immediate wins. Our goal with these drawing pages is to make art easy and accessible, taking ALL the intimidation out of drawing and making it an exciting and joyful experience. The more fun children have with it, the more they will draw!

We want to encourage joy in drawing so that is becomes infused into other parts of your child’s life. And we would¬†LOVE to see you and your children in artistic action! HUNDREDS of readers have uploaded their drawings from these tutorials to our Kawaii pins on Pinterest, please share yours, too!

Kawaii Drawing for Kids Tutorials

If you love to draw cute things, check out our book with 365 Cute Kawaii things to Draw!!

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