Jester Hat Craft

Jester Hat Craft

Hi there! Let’s make this super fun Jester Hat Craft today. This project is great for a J is for Jester alphabet lesson, a royalty theme, or just for when you want to make a silly hat. Here’s what you’ll need!

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Jester Hat Craft


  • Construction paper in rainbow colors
  • Adhesive roller or glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Thin black marker
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Small circular object like a lipgloss pot or roll of washi tape for tracing.

Start by picking any one of your colors of construction paper to be the base of our jester hat. Use your ruler to mark 1 1/2 inches down the paper, and draw a line across the length of the paper. Do this again, and you’ll have two long strips of paper marked out. Go ahead and cut them out.

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Glue two ends of the strips together, and then measure them around the child’s head. If they’re too small, add another strip of paper. If they’re too big, cut off the excess. Then glue the other ends together to form a circle and the base of our jester hat. Now grab another piece of paper and mark a section that is four inches wide. Make a mark in the middle at two inches. Then measure 8 inches straight up from that center mark and make a dot.

Now you’re just going to connect the two ends of the 4 inch line to the dot to form a long triangle. Go ahead and cut this triangle out. This is going to form one of the points of our jester hat. Now you can go ahead and set this triangle on top of your next color of paper.

And trace around it. Cut it out, and then go ahead and do this over and over again until you have 6 triangles of all different colors. Now take the small circular object you found (mine is a makeup container) and make sure it looks like the right size against your triangles. Then set it on a yellow or gray piece of construction paper, and trace it 6 times. These are going to be our bells!

Go ahead and cut out your bells. Next we’re going to draw what looks like a flattened out X near the bottom, and put dots on the end of the X to make the opening of the bell.

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Just add some glue to the ends of your triangles and attach your bells. See how cute they all look together? Now take one of your triangles and flip it right side down.

Add a line of adhesive all along the wide base of the triangle. Then set it inside of the hat base, about a 1/2 inch down, and press into place. Then you’re going to add your second triangle of the opposite side. This helps make sure all our triangles are overlapped evenly. Now add your last 4 triangles, 2 in between each of the first two ones we placed.

And here’s how your hat should look when you’re done adding all the triangles. Construction paper wants to stand upright, so use your fingers to gently bend and roll the paper into the traditional jester hat shape. See how the points curve out and down, and you can see the front of the bells? Perfect! You’re all done!

I hope you have fun making this Jester Hat Craft in your home or classroom!!

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