Inspiration Board Project For Teens

Inspiration Board Project For Teens

Today I’m sharing how to make this Inspiration Board Project For Teens! I am a huge, huge fan of inspiration boards. Also known as vision boards, this is a great way to remind anyone of their goals and help keep them on the right track. I think that for teens in particular, inspiration boards help them remember their long term goals, which helps improve their short term decision making. I believe in teens making inspiration boards that include their 5 and 10 year goals, to keep their mind on the future.

I think anyone can benefit from an inspiration board, and you can make one as fancy or as low-cost as you would like. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own inexpensive inspiration board, no matter your age!


Inspiration Board Project For Teens


  • Shoe box, box lid, or foam core board. You can use anything as the base for your board.
  • Old magazines, photos, clippings, etc.
  • Scissors.
  • Adhesive roller or glue stick.

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I chose to use a shoebox for this inspiration board. I like that it is dimensional, so you can hang it on the wall or stand it up on a bookshelf or desk. Plus it gives you space on the sides to add extra inspiration as you find it! Start by cutting out the words and images you want to use. You can find quotes, photos of things you want in the future, pictures that represent your goals, and places you want to visit in the future.

This girl is including her 5 and 10 year goals, which include going to school to be a doctor, getting a cat and a dog, working on her fitness goals, traveling through Italy, and finding someone to settle down with.

Everyone’s goals are different, and your inspiration board should fit YOUR goals, not someone else’s.

Next, start gluing down your images. I suggest starting with the larges images and then filling in with the smaller ones. You can trim pieces down to fit well as you go, and if something just doesn’t fit, consider that you might just need a second inspiration board! I glue as I go, but if you tend to be indecisive, you can arrange everything how you like it first, then glue everything down.

You’re all done! This Inspiration Board Project For Teens is one of my favorite projects to make, and I think it’s a great way to start a conversation about future goals and dreams!

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