How to Draw Printables from The Big Book of Drawing for Kids

We are so excited to be sharing this early preview of our newest activity book: The Big Book of Drawing for Kids, with over 500 things for kids to draw! Here are 12 sample how to draw printables from this September release book. We are thrilled about the upcoming release of this step-by-step drawing guide, which is an essential for all kids. This book makes learning how to draw easy. And the best part for you is that your child will be entertained for hours while honing their art skills.

The Big Book of Drawing for Kids is a compilation of two of our bestselling books: The Drawing Book for Kids and The Animal Drawing Book for Kids. It also includes 100+ adorable kawaii-style cute drawing tutorials like these! Most importantly – this book is going to be in FULL COLOR! (This is a dream come true for us!!! We are SO stinkin’ excited about it!) Within this book you will find hundreds of things to draw, as well as new, never-before-released drawings!

Big Book of Drawing for Kids

Turn Creativity into Drawing Ability

If your kids are fascinated by art, sketching, or just want to learn how to draw cute illustrations, this book is for you! This giant activity book provides easy step-by-step drawing ideas that turns a love of drawing into skill. The activities in The Big Book of Drawing for Kids provide tips on how to draw, easy techniques, and tons of ideas, soon your child will be able to take their creativity to a new level. You will be your child’s hero, because this book will:

  • Build your children’s drawing confidence
  • Foster more time your child spends with art while you tackle your to-do list
  • Nurture creativity to spread into other areas of your children’s lives
  • Get kids away from their screens and do something creative with their hands!

A Step-by-Step Drawing Guide for Every Interest

This activity book makes great gifts for girls who want to learn how to draw cute things, or for boys who love cartoon drawing. Every activity is like a mini drawing lesson, broken down into simple steps so that all budding artists can create a masterpiece. And with the easy instructions for step-by-step drawing, kids can turn their creativity into artistic confidence.

Inside this giant activity book for kids, find step-by-step drawing instructions for over 500 interesting objects like:

  • Objects in nature including animals, trees, waterfalls, leaves, and flowers
  • Guitars, pianos, harps, and other musical instruments
  • Sporty items like footballs, tennis rackets, and baseball gloves
  • Robots, mythical creatures, holidays, cartoons, people, and more!

Print these free excerpts now before the workbook is released.

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How to Draw Printables for Kids

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