How to Draw Birds for Kids

Here are 9 printable diagrams that give easy step by step instructions on how to draw birds for kids. These directed drawing printables are really perfect for all ages (not just for kids). And there is a great variety of lovely bird species to chose from, including a hummingbird, peacock, cardinal and even a scarlet macaw.

How to Draw Birds for Kids

Each drawing lesson starts with simple lines that transform into more detail.  They are easy to follow so your child can learn to draw a bird in just minutes. They can then use their favorite crayons, markers, colored pencils or paints to bring their drawings to life! Encourage your young artist to let their imagination soar as they create a beautiful background for the bird.

These worksheets are not only drawing tutorials, but great practice in the lesson of starting and finishing a project. It is so gratifying as a parent to watch your child celebrate their finished creation.

How to Draw Birds for Kids

Parents, if you are a bird lover, you might be interested in our bird mandalas adult coloring pages. The beautiful illustrations are certain to bring some peace and relaxation while you partake in some coloring during YOUR quiet time. 😉

Check out our 365 Animals Drawing Book for Kids! With 365 things to choose from, your children can draw something new every day for an entire year.

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