Honeycomb and Painted Bee Art Project

My mom’s owl house has an amazing colony of bees in it. And while it’s not the intended purpose of the box, it is a happy accident. I am truly mesmerized by the videos my mom shares with me. Her videos and photos inspired this awesome honeycomb and painted bee art project, and I LOVE it so much! And, my mom and sister love it so much they will be using it as an art project for their classes.

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Honeycomb and Painted Bee Art Project



  • 1 piece of construction paper.
  • Paper Towel Tube. 
  • Yellow, Black, and White Paint.
  • Paper Plate or Paint Palette.
  • Small Paint Brush.

Begin this project by adding a small amount of each color paint on a paper plate or paint palette.

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Dip one end of the paper tube into the white paint and add circles on the construction paper. I did one row at a time, and stagger the bottom row to mimic the look of a honeycomb.

Once the white paint dries, dip your thumb into the yellow paint and add bee bodies randomly around the painted honeycomb.

Then, dip your pinky tip into the white paint and add wings on both sides of each of the thumbprint bee bodies.

Now, wait for the painted bees to dry. This would be a great time to teach little ones about the importance of bees and show them bees at work. This video is from my mom’s small bee colony. The bees are very docile and allow her to climb into the tree to take photos and videos. It’s so amazing to watch them work.

Once the painted bees have fully dried, use a small paint brush to add black stripes on the bees’ bodies.

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That’s it! I hope you’re inspired to learn about bees and create a fun honeycomb and painted bee art project!

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