Honey Bee Activity Pages

As a gardener, I’ve always appreciated the precious honey bee and all the work they do to keep human beings fed with plenty of fresh food. Without these little but crucial pollinators, most of our farms would collapse. We would have no fruits, no tomatoes, no pumpkins, no berries – pretty much all of the healthiest and tastiest things we grow in this world. Honey bees have been threatened in recent years by Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). It’s a still somewhat mysterious problem in which all of the worker bees abandon the bee colony and queen, leading to the death of the next generation of bees in that colony. In this post we share some fun and free honey bee activity pages to help spread awareness of this problem and to instill a love and respect for the honey bee!

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Honey Bee Activity Pages for Kids

The reasons for colony collapse disorder are still being investigated. Some of the possible reasons this is happening are:

  • Mite infestations
  • Bee viruses and diseases
  • Pesticide poisoning
  • Habitat changes

One year I used glyphosate weed killer in my garden Рand saw literally NO BEES whatsoever around my flowering pumpkin vines for 2-3 months. It was an alarming reality check and we have vowed to never use it again in our yard.

Thankfully, the occurrences of CCD are slightly down from its peak in 2015. But in order to save our food chain, we must continue to protect and cultivate these most important insects!

Honey Bee Activity Pages

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