History Ad Libs for Kids

We are excited to share six fun new history ad libs for kids! These historically themed ad libs fill in the blank word games are fun tools to promote creativity and help develop your child’s imagination. Use them as entertaining ice breakers for conversations about subjects like the Declaration of Independence, the story of the Titanic and the moon landing. Your kids will have hilarious fun filling out these pages about historical events. The amusing stories they create about Napoleon Bonaparte and Lewis and Clark’s adventures will also spark their interest to learn more about these historical figures. Ad libs are great resources for enhancing vocabulary and practicing parts of speech and grammar skills. These are also fun to take on travels, making time pass faster during those long road trips. Your kids will have so much fun creating these stories together, they won’t even know they’re working on educational tools that reinforce their reading skills.

Great during summer down time, these fill in the word stories are great interactive games! The word games can be played with two or more people. Take turns filling in the blanks with the given part of speech (noun, verb, adverb or adjective). Then read the story out loud to reveal an often hilarious and nonsensical story. And one of the best parts of ad libs: there are no winners or losers, only lots of giggles and laughs!

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World History Ad Libs


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