Hispanic Heritage Month Craft: Printable Mexican Village Diorama

Today we’re sharing two amazing classroom resources for to dive into Latin American and Hispanic heritage! Check out this wonderful lesson plan with biographies, worksheets and Hispanic Heritage Month activities ideas. And here is a Hispanic Heritage Month craft for kids ages 8 & up – an entire Mexican village built from printable paper models. Let’s get started!

Hispanic Heritage Month Craft: Printable Mexican Village

How to Make this Hispanic Heritage Month Craft for Kids

Print out all 8 pages of the village below onto white card stock. You will need good scissors, a glue stick and a razor blade or exacto knife.

Color all parts before cutting them out. Score folds indicated by dotted lines by using a ruler to run a dull edge across the line and make the paper fold easily. Use the glue stick to glue parts together.

Tabs fit into slots of corresponding numbers and is explained on each page. To cut the slots use a blade, cutting in the direction the tab is to be inserted. Slots are labeled and indicated by short, heavy lines.

The supports for figures of special sizes are marked for each figure. Unmarked supports will fit any of the remaining figures. To stand figures, lay the support on the back of the figure so that the bottom of the support is a little lower than the bottom of the figure as shown.  Fold up on the dotted line to form the support for the figure. This example is from our Dutch village set!

How to make the paper figures stand up.

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Mexican Village Building Assembly

To assemble the buildings, follow the directions given on each of the printable sheets. Each building is easily identified on the pages.

  • For Building No. 1, fit the roof in place, pulling the tabs on the building through the slots in the roof and paste down.
  • For Building No. 2, fit the roof so that the extended part is over the front of the balcony side of the house. Paste down the tabs and then paste in the supports for the extended part. Fit on the balcony and paste the tabs inside. Lastly, paste the lamp in the place on the corner.
  • For Building No. 3, after the walls are pasted together, fit in and paste the part on which the door is drawn. Fit the roof as directed on its tab.
  • For the Fountain, follow the directions given on the page.
  • For the Market Stand, fold the base on dotted lines and paste the tabs on the ends inside the sides. Fold the supports for the top and place in the slots on the ends of the base. Paste the top in place.

The artwork for this set and our other historic paper craft villages was done in the 1930’s / 1940’s by Leroy Sauer.

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