Helping Kids Identify Emotions Worksheets

Helping kids identify their emotions is really quite a beautiful thing, and these worksheets help. Parents, caregivers and teachers can use this set of worksheets as an effective resource at home and in the classroom. Here you’ll find activities suitable for preschoolers and up. (Adults will find a few of these activities fun too!)

Helping Kids Identify Emotions Worksheets

I am not an expert on the subject, nor am I a qualified therapist. However, I can share my experience as a mom that helping children understand their emotions and giving their feelings names is so valuable. It can be such a beautiful opportunity to understanding our children better.  And being a mom, I am always looking to be better equipped to walk through the BIG feelings with them in a loving way. These activities to help kids identify their emotions help immensely! The worksheets provide an engaging way to help children recognize what they are feeling and how they are expressing those feelings.

Then, dive deeper into affirming their feelings and reminding them that emotions aren’t wrong. And that our responses to our emotions is often what we need to look at. Teaching our children these lessons will impact their life greatly. These are foundational tools to help them succeed in school and throughout their life socially, personally and professionally.

Helping Kids Identify Emotions Worksheets

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Also check out these adorable emoji faces made from polymer clay! It is a super fun craft to go along with your conversations on emotions. And kids LOVE sculpting, so you will definitely capture their attention with this activity!

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