Heart Paper Chain Valentine Card

My boys loved helping make sweet Valentine’s Day cards for their friends when they were younger. It was such a fun and special way to learn about their friends and classmates. And, one of our favorite Valentine’s Day cards was this DIY heart paper chain!

DIY Heart Paper Chain Valentine Card

Paper Chain Project for Valentine’s Day

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DIY Heart Paper Chain Supplies:

  • Paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Markers or crayons.
  • Small Valentine’s Day Candy
  • Optional – buttons, sequins, or other craft decorations.

This is such a fun way to send your little ones to school or day care with a sweet little homemade card. 

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Let’s get started on this darling handmade heart Valentine project! First, gather all of your supplies. This will make crafting a lot easier.

Begin by folding a piece of construction paper accordion style. We folded the paper long ways, and cut two heart paper chains from each piece of paper.  

Now, cut a heart shape on the top fold, but be sure not to cut it all the way along the folded edges. If you cut a full heart, the paper chain will become a pile of hearts.   

DIY Heart Paper Chain Homemade Card

Then, repeat that as many times as you need to to make Valentine’s Day cards for all of your little valentines.  

Next, carefully unfold the hearts, and decorate your paper chain.

Help your little one write their name on the hearts if they need it. You can do this by drawing penciled dotted lines for the letters of their name for them to trace.

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Make a heart paper chain for Valentine's Day

Your little ones can add stickers or other decorations such as glitter glue to their hearts too. Then, add a small piece of candy to the front of the Valentine card. 

That’s it! This is such a fun Valentine’s Day card to make! And, I hope inspires you to make sweet paper chains with your little loves this Valentine’s Day! 

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