Happy Thanksgiving Printable Banner Set

Happy Thanksgiving Printable Banner Set

Hi Everyone! Thanksgiving is such a loved holiday in our house, as it’s a calm day just for spending time with family and eating amazing food! I always have to make two pumpkin pies in our house, as one never seems to make it to the table on Thanksgiving since it got eaten the night before!

It can be hard to find Thanksgiving decorations, as stores often push it aside for the flashier Christmas decorations. So today I’m sharing this free Happy Thanksgiving Printable Banner Set! It’s 5 pages and it prints out with 4 banner letters to a page. Each banner piece is roughly 5 inches tall by 4 inches wide, on a neutral beige chevron background with a clean and classic font. It also includes 3 extra images. A turkey, cornucopia, and pumpkin pie that you can include in your banner or use for decoration elsewhere.

Download this with our Thanksgiving Bundle of 170+ pages of printable Thanksgiving activities all at once here!

Happy Thanksgiving Printable Banner Set


I recommend printing these out on card stock or matte photo paper for sturdier letters. To make these into a standard banners, you can use a small hole punch to punch a hole in the top two corners of each banner piece. Then take a length of twine or ribbon, and lace the cards onto it to create your banner. You can also just attach these straight to the wall with sticky tack, or even place them on a poster or in a frame and hang that up! These are great for home decor, but don’t forget that you can use these in a classroom or even your office to add some holiday happiness!

I hope you enjoy adding this banner to your Thanksgiving decor, and we all hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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