Happy Birthday Grid Coloring Pages

Thank you for all of the positive feedback on our mystery picture pages! Here are six brand new Happy Birthday grid coloring pages! There is so much to do between frosting the birthday cake, decorating with banners and balloons, and wrapping the gifts. These birthday grid coloring sheets will keep your kids entertained while you are planning and putting together your next birthday party. Their anticipation will soar as they use their favorite brightly colored markers or crayons to reveal these fun birthday themed mystery coloring grids!

One of the best features of these worksheets is that they are honing their math skills while creating a fun birthday themed picture without even knowing math is involved! Our mystery coloring grid pages include celebration treats like cake, cupcakes and a party hat, along with birthday balloons, a present and a birthday card. Print multiples of these mystery pixel pages to use as a fun activity during the party! First one finished gets the cupcake with extra sprinkles!

How to color mystery pictures? You’ll need to know how to read a simple data table. Find the squares, or ‘pixels’ in the crosshairs and color it the correct color. To make this a cool STEM/STEAM activity, don’t show your children/students the final product. Just let them color the grid according to the data and let the image emerge!

How to Color Grid Coloring Pages

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Happy Birthday Grid Coloring Pages

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Happy Birthday Grid Coloring Pages

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