Handprint Lorax Craft for Preschoolers

My youngest son read his first book nearly a decade ago this week. It was a Dr. Seuss book. We love Dr. Seuss in our family. I also loved reading his books to my students. Reading one of his silly books could make the whole mood of the class change in minutes. So, we always celebrated his birthday in a big way, both at home and in my classroom. And, we all loved the sometimes grouchy little Lorax, so this handprint Lorax craft for preschoolers was one we did every year!

Lorax craft for preschoolers

Handprint Lorax Craft for Preschoolers

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Dr. Seuss Preschool Craft Project Supplies:

  • 1/2 Sheet of orange construction paper.
  • Googley eyes.
  • School glue.
  • Orange paint and paint brush.
  • Shaving cream.
  • Pencil and Sharpie or black marker. 

This project is so simple and so much fun! My kiddos always enjoyed mixing shaving cream and paint to create a fluffy paint, and it is perfect for the Lorax’s mustache.

Let’s get started on this adorable Lorax Handprint Art Project! Begin by tracing or having your little one trace their hand with a pencil on the sheet of orange construction paper. Then, trace around the pencil lines with a black marker. If your kids are older they can do this step independently.

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The next step is to add the googly eyes. Why are they so fun? I love projects with them! I have even added them to things around the house for fun.

Finally, you are ready to mix the shaving cream and paint to make a mustache. You could absolutely let younger kids use this paint as a sensory painting experience too. I would add a few pumps of hand soap to the paint mix. The soap should help prevent the paint from staining little hands and clothes. Then, use the fluffy paint mixture to paint a mustache on your adorable little handprint Lorax art project!

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That’s it! I hope this darling little project has inspired you to celebrate Dr. Seuss this year!

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