Handprint Lady Bug Craft

It’s nearly Spring, and that means it’s time to start working on all of the Spring crafts! When I was a teacher, this is the time of year for me to teach my little learners about insects and their place in the ecosystem. And, this darling Handprint Lady Bug Craft was always one of my favorite projects to make with the kids!   

Lady Bug Craft

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Handprint Lady Bug:

  • Red construction paper.
  • Scissors.
  • School glue.
  • Paper plate.
  • Black paint and paint brush. 
  • Googley eyes.
  • Pipe cleaner.

This cute little lady bug craft is a great way for little ones to learn about insects and work on fine motor skills. 

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Let’s get started on this cute little craft project! First, gather all of your supplies. This will make crafting a lot easier.

Begin by painting the paper plate black. I used a large paper plate for mine because I traced my own hands. But, I would use a smaller plate for little ones.

Next, trace your little one’s hand prints on the red construction paper and cut them out.  

Then, paint black dots on the hand prints.  

After the paint on the paper plate and hand prints has dried, glue the hand prints onto the paper plate.  This is a great opportunity to teach little ones about the importance of insects and their value to the eco-system. I would buy lady bugs to add to our class garden too. 

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That’s it! This is such a fun activity to develop fine motor skills, and celebrate Spring. I hope I have inspired you to create your handprint lady bug craft with your little ones. 

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