Handprint Flamingo Art Project

My sister recently asked me for a few ideas for easy art projects she could share with her students. Since her class is relatively young, I wanted to make it something simple that everyone could easily make. Her class is working on animals right now, so I thought it would be fun to make a Handprint Flamingo Art Project.

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Handprint Flamingo Art Project


  • 1 piece of white cardstock paper.
  • Pink paint. 
  • Orange and Black Crayons.
  • Optional – Paint brush and paper plate.

This is such a fun little project, and it would be adorable on a tea towel or canvas to give as a gift!

Since we didn’t have any pink paint, we made pink by mixing red and white paint.

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Once we had the right color, I painted the palm and fingers of one of my son’s hands. If we were putting this on a tea towel or canvas, I would have used fabric paint.

Then, he placed his had on the white cardstock and carefully pulled it straight up off of the paper.

Next, I used a paint brush to fill in the body and neck and head of the flamingo.

Once the paint was dry, I used the crayons to draw legs and the beak on to the flamingo. However, if I was putting this on a canvas or towel, I would use fabric paint to add the legs and beak.

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That’s it! This darling little project was so easy to make, and it would be perfect for summer art projects, classroom art projects, and even gift giving! I hope you’re inspired to make a fabulous handprint flamingo art project!

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