Handprint Banner Craft for MLK Day

One of my favorite projects when I was a teacher was creating new bulletin boards. However, I didn’t like the price of updating those bulletin boards! Especially the boarders. They are so expensive. But, like many teachers, I learned cost effective and easy ways to update the bulletin boards. One of my favorite ways was with a little help from my kiddos. We always worked on a colorful Handprint Banner Craft for MLK Day when the kids came back from holiday break.

Handprint Banner Craft for MLK Day

Handprint Banner or Bulletin Board Decoration

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MLK Day Banner Craft Supplies:

  • Colorful construction paper – we used yellow, black, brown, and white.
  • Scissors.
  • School glue.

My kids and I created this fun project every year after winter break to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Then, the bulletin board could transition through Black History Month as well. The kids always loved being a part of the bulletin board design, and it was a great way to get them actively engaged in learning some of our country’s history!

Let’s get started on this simple project! Begin by giving your little ones one sheet of each color paper. You should be able to get 4 hands on each sheet of paper. So, if you need more handprints, let your little ones cut out more sheets of paper.

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First, have your children trace their hand on the paper. After that, ask them to cut out the handprints. Or, if you want to move through the project more quickly, you could have the kids cut out one sheet, and you can cut the rest.

MLK Craft for Kids

Now, it’s time to glue the hands together. Add a dot of glue to the pinky of one hand and glue the thumb from another on top. Repeat this step until you have enough boarder for the top, bottom, and sides of your bulletin board. I did them in sections.

I hope this easy Handprint Banner Craft for MLK Day has inspired you to get crafty with your little ones and create a fun and meaningful classroom bulletin board banner!

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