Halloween Decoupage Projects

I absolutely love decoupage projects. What is so great about decoupage? Is it the fact that my kids can do it with practically no help from me? That decoupage is pretty hard to mess up? That decoupage projects always turn out awesomely? All of the above? Yes!

Decoupage Ideas for Halloween

Halloween Decoupage Projects

Halloween Decoupage Projects

How to Decoupage

Really – this is brain dead easy. All you need is some Modpodge, paint brushes and paper or fabric. And technically you don’t even need Modpodge, as you can use watered down glue. I like love Modpodge because you can get it in a matte, glossy, or sparkle finish, there’s very little mess, and it lasts forever. They even have an outdoor strength versionWOO!

Step 1A – figure out what you are going to decoupage – it can be glass, plastic, wood, metal – practically anything. It can be jewelry, kids crafts, or even home decor. You can cut out pictures or fabric to adhere to your item or you can print out your own designs (though ink jet ink can smear – I have a laser printer that works perfectly for decoupage). You can also add pieces of ribbon, sequins, and pretty much anything that can be glued to a surface.

Step 1 – brush some Modpodge/decoupage medium onto your item

How to Decoupage - Step 1

How to Decoupage – Step 1

Step 2 – place your paper or fabric onto the decoupage medium

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How to Decoupage - Step 2

How to Decoupage – Step 2

Step 3 – put a thin coat of more more Modpodge/decoupage medium on top of your paper or fabric

How to Decoupage - Step 3

How to Decoupage – Step 3

Step 4 – Repeat until your project is covered!

Once it is dry, you can and should put at least one more coat of Modpodge over the project to seal it and protect it.

Making these Decoupage Halloween Candle Holders

I got all of the the glass candle holders at my local dollar store. Cheap, cheap, cheap!

For my Jack O’ Lantern mummy, I used strips of white tissue paper and cut out a pumpkin face out of black paper. This particular pumpkin face is from the Punkinhead font.

For the tall owl candle holder, I used a Fiskars Owl paper punch found in the scrapbooking section of the craft store.

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For the orange pumpkin tall candle holder, I measured the circumference of the glass and created an orange rectangle in a drawing program. I then used this Halloween borders font to add the pumpkin and vines, then simply printed it out and decoupaged it onto the glass. I don’t recommend this if you only have an ink jet printer unless you test it first to make sure your ink won’t bleed all over the place. Then again, for a Halloween decoupage project, that might just look pretty cool.

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  3. Amanda

    I love decoupage too, so many possibilities! I make crafts for Kaboose and did some fun pumpkin luminaries last year using orange fabric on jars. Love decoupage!

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