Give the Gift of Learning

Give your toddler the gift of learning

This holiday season treat your toddler to Fun Learning Experiences!
Hundreds of nutritious toddler activities in stock & ready to deliver in time for the holidays!

Between the ages of 2 to 5, our little ones are learning through play. And they are learning BEST when engaged and having fun! This activity book series makes teaching easy for you and learning so much fun for your child!

The (ABC) benefits of this toddler / preschool activity book series include:

  • Accelerate your child’s love for learning with captivating content to spark interest and curiosity in your child and ignite a love for learning!
  • Balance quiet time with creative learning time to teach your child what working independently looks like.
  • Challenge your child while making learning fun and exciting for them.
  • Developing their fine motor skills while learning letters, numbers, shapes, and colors has never been more fun for toddlers!
  • Empower your child to explore, create, learn and simply have fun!

ALL of these amazing wins and we haven’t even told you about the EXTRAS you get with your purchase!

Give your toddler the gift of learningNever before have we given away such rich bonuses! When you purchase this series (or even a single title from this series) you receive these 4 digital bonuses:

  1. A to Z Printable Crafts –  Simple color, cut, and paste craft activities for every letter of the alphabet. And the only craft supplies you need are crayons, scissors and glue or tape.
  2. Alphabet Book for Kids – This alphabet handwriting workbook is filled with 165 pages of fun and engaging letter recognition activities for kids ages 3 – 5.
  3. Easy Hidden Pictures for Kids – This preschool puzzle book will feed your child’s curiosity while introducing them to different shapes and objects.
  4. Winter Activity Bundle – 160+ pages of mess-free/screen-free activities to keep kids (ages 3-12+) entertained during the winter months.

Click the book covers below to order at least one educational workbook for your 2-5 year old.
(or gift all three!!)
Copy your receipt # to enter into Step 2 to receive your bonuses.

My First Book of Toddler Activities My First Book of Dot Marker Coloring My First Book of Color by Numbers

Now, using your receipt #, submit for your FREE BONUSES!

For 13 years, we have provided thousands of resources to over 55 million people. We are on a mission to produce books that allow kids to build knowledge, express their talent, and grow into creative, compassionate human beings. Elementary education teachers, day care professionals, and parents have come to rely on Woo! Jr. for high quality, engaging, and innovative content that children LOVE.

This series of toddler activity books comes from a place of knowing and understanding how helpful it is to you to have valuable educational resources at your fingertips. 

Learn More About the My First Book Of Series!

My First Book of Toddler ActivitiesMy First Book of Toddler Activities makes learning fun and rewarding for toddlers and parents and is a valuable educational resource in any preschool or homeschool curriculum! Inside you’ll find:

  • Fundamental Learning Concepts – letters, numbers, shapes, colors, simple words, and counting
  • Bold Lines – supports fine motor skill development and helps toddlers learn to color within the lines
  • 150+ Illustrations – reinforces fine motor skills and recognition of familiar images
  • 150+ Toddler Activities – guaranteed to keep toddlers engaged and parents from running out of activities

My First Book of Dot Marker Coloring

In the full-color My First Book of Dot Marker Coloring, you’ll find:

  • Fundamental Learning Concepts – our big dot illustrations include letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and animals to support early learning
  • Bold Lines – supports fine motor skill development and helps toddlers stay within the line
  • 100+ Dot Marker Coloring Pages – guaranteed to keep toddlers engaged and parents from running out of activities
  • Engaging Way to Learn Colors – the bold, colorful illustrations in our big dot marker activity book support color matching and recognition of familiar shapes

My First Book of Color by NumbersMy First Book of Color by Numbers helps your toddler let out their inner artist while bringing hundreds of pictures to bring to life!

This will be your toddler’s new favorite coloring and activity book, allowing them to be creative while also learning to count and follow numbers! Helps your child be creative and match colors and numbers to make beautiful toddler arts and crafts activities.

Full of cute illustrations and graphics your little ones are sure to love. Everyone loves art, and that includes kids! This fun color by number book is filled with different pictures, broken up number-by-number to create a masterpiece. This book also introduces your child to colors, shapes, and develops fine motor skills, getting them ready for preschool. Whether your child wants to paint multi-colored, neon landscapes, or color-coordinated flower gardens, My First Book of Color by Numbers is the perfect color by numbers coloring book!


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