G is for Grapes Fingerpaint Project

G is for Grapes Fingerpaint Project

This G is for Grapes Fingerpaint Project is a super fun way to add painting into a letters of the alphabet curriculum theme! Plus little kids love finger painting, and this project is sure to keep them busy for a minute or two. Here’s what you’ll need to make this easy art project.

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G is for Grapes Fingerpaint Project


  • White card stock or construction paper.
  • Washable purple paint.
  • A green paint pen or marker.

Start by placing some of the purple paint in a painting tray or on a scrap piece of paper. Then take your green paint pen and make some thick, sharp strokes upward near the top of your paper. These form the base of the grape stem. Then create some thin, curly loops for the grape vines. Finally, add some thick leaf shapes and you have the top of your grapes bunch!

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Carefully dip your finger in the purple paint, and start making fingerprints for the grapes. You might be able to get 2-3 grapes out of one dip into the paint. Start at the top, and remember that grape bunches are always wide at the stem and taper down into a point. Make sure that each grape is touching another one!

Grape bunches are a natural growing thing, so the shape is irregular. Make a few random grapes stick out here and there so it looks natural, and you can even rotate your finger to make bigger and smaller grapes. Finally, use your finger to paint a big “G”, and then write “is for grapes” with your green paint pen. Let it dry, and you’re all done!

I hope you enjoyed making this fun G is for Grapes Fingerpaint Project with me! If you liked this and need more craft ideas for the Pre-K group, make sure to check out my Tissue Paper Apple Craft!

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