Fun Fourth of July Art Activity

Every year for Fourth of July, I would buy my kids sparklers. And every year they screamed and cried because they were afraid. So, we would do something else fun with the sparklers. Since all of my boys loved to paint when they were younger, we started using the sparklers to paint with. And, it quickly became their favorite Fourth of July Art Activity!

Fun Fourth of July Art Activity

Fun Fourth of July Art Activity

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Painting Project Supplies:

  • Black construction paper.
  • Red, white, and blue paint.
  • Un-used sparklers – you could use pipe cleaner too.

This is a great activity for little ones that are sensitive to the loud sounds and crowds for fireworks shows too. I have two boys on the spectrum and we have only been to see fireworks shows twice. Once when we were at Stone Mountain, and once when we didn’t realize how scary and overwhelming fireworks could be for kids with sensory issues.

Let’s get started! First, gather your supplies. We used a box of new sparklers, but, in a classroom setting, you could use pipe cleaners.

After you have all of your fun Fourth of July art activity supplies, add red, white, and blue paint to a palette or paper plate. Add a healthy amount of each color paint to the plate or palette.

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Then, dip the sparkler into the paint, be sure to cover almost all of the sparkler. I left a little handle on the sparklers so I could hold them without getting paint on my hands.

Now, lay the sparkler onto the construction paper. I used one or two sparklers for each color.

Repeat those steps with all of the colors until you are happy with your fireworks on the paper! I layered them on top of other colors in all directions.

That’s it! I hope this fun Fourth of July art activity has inspired you to create a fireworks craft that everyone will love!

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