Free Wrinkle in Time Reading Comprehension Worksheets

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle is one of my favorite books. I read it numerous times as a child and as an adult, I continue to reread it, sometimes with my daughter and sometimes on my own. While this book takes on the neverending fight between “good vs. evil”, it speaks to the power of love while also recognizing the importance of intelligence and individuality. The first in this quintet from the author, A Wrinkle in Time is fun to read and great to teach!

With the movie opening recently, I wanted to share these worksheets as a way to bring Hollywood into the Classroom. While seeing the movie is not a requirement for using them, these Wrinkle in Time reading comprehension worksheets will provide teachers and parents with the tools they need to guide comprehension of the story.

A Wrinkle in Time Worksheets

Vocabulary Words

  1. aberration n. change from the normal
  2. antagonistic adj. hostile; unfriendly
  3. assimilate v. to absorb; to understand
  4. antagonistic adj. creating feelings of animosity or hostility
  5. batter v. to strike at violently and repeatedly
  6. belligerent adj. uncooperative
  7. bellow v. to roar or shout loudly
  8. brusquely adv. roughly; impatiently
  9. crevice n. a tight, long space
  10. diction n. manner of speaking; pronunciation
  11. distraught adj. upset; distressed
  12. ephemeral adj. short-lived; temporary
  13. emanate v. to flow out; to radiate
  14. ferocious adj. containing extreme violence
  15. frantically adv. in a uncontrolled manner or way
  16. impenetrable adj. inaccessible; indestructible
  17. indignant adj. angry at something that is unfair
  18. moderation n. the trait of avoiding excesses
  19. morass n. a mushy, muddy, area of land
  20. myopic adj. nearsighted; shortsighted
  21. obliquely adv. slantingly; indirectly
  22. omnipotent adj. all-powerful; god-like
  23. peremptory adj. putting an end to debate or action
  24. perturbed adj. troubled; upset
  25. precipitously adv. abruptly; steeply
  26. preliminaries n. preparations; beginnings
  27. prodigious adj. tremendous; amazing
  28. relinquish v. to let go; to abandon
  29. reverberate v. to echo; to vibrate
  30. savagely adv. in a brutal manner
  31. tangible adj. touchable; real; solid
  32. tractable adj. manageable; obedient
  33. translucent adj. allowing light through
  34. transparent adj. clear
  35. trepidation n. anxiety; fear
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